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The Great Commission is one of the final words of Jesus while he was on planet Earth, it says, “And you will be my witnesses to Jerusalem (your city), Judea (your state), and Samaria (your nation), and to the ends of the Earth (your world).”

“…to Jerusalem”

When a member of our church or someone affiliated with our church has a baby, or a surgery, or is going through a difficult transition, the ladies ministry gets together and schedules meals to take to that person for a week after their delivery. You can use our request form if you would like to request post-op meals.

Request meals


We provide a referral to Dividing Bread Ministry which will give you one full outfit/adult, and two outfits/child along with up to $5 in miscellaneous goods. To get a referral for your free clothes you can call ahead (918)371-5111 and pick it up during normal business hours.

When a New Life member or a person affiliated with our church goes into the hospital, our pastors and visitation team are glad to visit, encourage, pray, and care.

Non-perishable food  and essentials are stored at the church for people in need. The Food Pantry is need based and open by appointment. To make an appointment contact the Pantry Director, Lewis West (918) 857-1196 or email church@oknewlife.com

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had.”
— Acts 4:32 

New Life, together with the Collinsville Ministerial Alliance, provides over 130 full thanksgiving meals for families in the Collinsville/ Owasso community. During the month of November, you can request this Thanksgiving meal if you are in need by calling the church at (918)371-5111.

“…Judea and Samaria”

Here are some organizations who we support financially around our state, country, and around the world.

College Christian Ministry who reconciles students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.

“…and to the ends of the Earth.”

Although we all can’t go around the world, supporting missionaries helps us reach the world, showing and telling people about Jesus’ love.

These are the World Missionaries that New Life supports:

We financially support missionaries all over the world. From Eurasia to South America, but for their protection we cannot list their names online. Visit New Life to see which World Missionaries we support.